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12 vs 21

i'm now 21..previously, i was juz thinking tt it is only the number increase besides the wrinkles here n there...but, there's much more..i'm no longer 12 tt can rely on my parents whenever my lecturers scold or punish me (though formerly i always thought tt i'm mature enough, i still somehow tell my parents), i'm no longer 12 tt thought what is the point of having parents if they don't responsible enough? i'm no longer a kid tt can always feel ease and happy, i'm no longer 12 tt can easily ask my parents for money, i'm no longer 12 tt always fighting with my siblings....

i'm now 21 who has to responsible for my own mistakes, I'm now 21 to think as long as my parents are still alive, tt is more than enough no matter whether whether they are sick, disabled, dotage etc...i'm now 21 tt sometimes feel upset, regret...i'm now 21 and have to economically spend, i'm now 21 tt lucky to hv my siblings...

juz so many things changes for the 9 years without me, realizing it..not only school, but the whole environment...therefore, appreciate whatever u hv now even u don't really comfort with it or else u'll regret when it deprived...

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