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sungai n batu

last time during my schooldays, one of my principles of life is 'jdlah sungai yg sentiasa mengalir, jgn jd batu yg menghalangnya'. Actually, i got the principle from a tv drama series which i couldn't remember da title...however, as long as i get the message, it's ok right...urrrp...right??? people may translate this phrase as they want to, but for me, 'jdlah 'sungai yg sentiasa mengalir' means move on with ur lives,although you feel like nobody will be with you, you are alone... don't ever feel like the God is not being fair with you coz God knoe better than you do...He already plan ur journey of lives n da thin' tt can we do are obey what are obliged n stay away from what are prohibited...God will not test His followers till out of the capabilities. thus, be optimist as it will provide you with another view of a situation rather than being pesimistic. Remember, bright future is waiting for you. Don't ever feel like ur life is not worthy...If God does grant ur wish, means tt God like u, if God delay in granting ur wish means tt God is testing n if God doesn't granted ur wish at all means tt God hv planned sth better for u...juz tawakal n pasrah..

while 'jgnlah jd batu yg menghalangnye' means don't eva be the barrier tt can hinder ur or other success...sometimes u urself are the stone than restrain urself from succeed..u feel like u don't hv enough confident in urself...u always view ppl as better than u n u r nobody...nobody care bout u...nobody be bother to get to know u n nobody even realize tt u were there...if u hv this kind of feeling, pay 1000000% attention to this...'everyone is trying to fit in' everyone feels the same feeling...the differences are how u view the feeling n how u handle it...if u r pesimist, u will take it as destructive n will make u become worse...then, think, who will help u?? who'll named u as their fren?? nobody will respect for such ppl.

Hence, does being pesimistic'll help u?? sometimes it may help as it keep u alert n try harder for not expecting for granted...but in most time it will make you such 'a loser' especially while u r searching ur true identity..so be optimist...keep in mind tt u r da better than the best...ignore those critics tt u feel destructive n move on with ur life...u r what u think u r...

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