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mistake and sin

 ppl always said..'silap aku, ak berdosa'. But have u ever realize that mistake is not equal to sin? Actually there are a lot of differences btween mistake and sin...
1. mistake is done unpurposely, vice versa
2. sin can be avoided, vice versa
3.there are says that don't afraid to make a mistake, but feel scare to do sin
4. mistake improve ourselves while sin..
5. mistake can be easily forgiven, vice versa

Mistakes is done frequently no matter how charming, how classy, how elegant, how rich, how poor, how independent and whatsoever...
so don't scare to admit mistake as everybody make mistake...
'nobody perfect and that is why in Arabic human is called an-nas, which also means forget...
 human = forget
As everybody make mistake, why don't forgive mistake done by others?

Only Allah knows best...

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